The Hybrid and Electric Car News Sponsored Content Advertising Program

The VW Golf GTE Sport Concept, image courtesy of VW Global Media

The VW Golf GTE Sport Concept, image courtesy of VW Global Media


Goal: to maximize exposure of sponsored content advertising and leverage it’s uniqueness to attract new visitors, offer new content to current visitors and attract lapsed visitors back to the Hybrid and Electric Car News (HECN).

Elements: HECN website, HECN social media channels, HECN weekly emails

Cost: $30/month, $75/month for 3 months, non-negotiable

Monthly Execution:
  1. Website
    1. Attributed and sponsored post excerpt to appear towards top of columns on our “News” page, based on the number of sponsored post campaigns at the time.
    2. Full attributed and sponsored post at website
    3. GIF or Image ad to appear in right sidebar of posts & pages
  2. Email
    1. Subscription Popup–product or content email promotion-emails to be shared between Advertiser and HECN
    2. Sponsored post to appear on HECN email first week of the campaign
      1. Image links to post to appear in emails for balance of month or campaign
      2. Direct link to advertiser product or content to appear in weekly emails for entire month or campaign
  3. Social Media Channels
    1. HECN will purchase a $5 sponsored post on Facebook, for each month of the campaign
      1. Advertiser can advise on audience targeting strategy
    2. HECN will tweet link to sponsored post 4x times over each week of the campaign


For more information, or to participate, please contact us.

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