HECN Guide to Hybrid Car Care: What to Look for When Buying a Used Hybrid Car

Buying a used car in order to save money is a time-tested way to wisely navigate the car market.  Buying used does mean you’re paying for someone else’s problems.  But with a good mechanic or service advisor, you can save money AND avoid buying some other guy’s P-o-S.  How does that work when you’re looking to buy a hybrid car?

It Can Be Tricky to Buy a Hybrid, Trust Experience

Buying a used hybrid car adds more complexity to this equation.  The “guy at the place” who could just listen to a used 2008 Honda Accord and tell you what’s wrong may not be the best to analyze a used 2010 Highlander hybrid.  Buying Certified Used from the dealer is a way to assuage fears; but hybrids are still kind of new to many dealer service departments as well.  Outside of Toyota, the hybrid portion of the power train is something new.  Since new models don’t come in very often, service departments have limited opportunity to see real-world problems with their own eyes.

The Solution is Simple, Click on the Video Above

So what do you do?  You want to buy a gas sipping green car, maybe something for a commuter, or for one of your teenagers.  You don’t have the budget for Certified Used.  But you’ve found something that looks good.  What are some things to look for when buying a used hybrid car?  That’s where the good people at The Hybrid Shop.com, our Service Advisor, comes in.  Hopefully by now you’ve clicked and watched the video above.  If not, get to it.


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This is more valuable information from TheHybridShop.comHECN is happy to welcome the TheHybridShop.com, a new green automotive startup, as our first Service Advisor.  The mission of The Hybrid Shop is to “provide the highest quality maintenance, service and repair experience for hybrid electric vehicle owners.” Read more about them and servicing hybrid electric cars here.  You can also find them on FacebookTwitterLinkedINGoogle Plus, and YouTube.

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