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There are over 2.8 million hybrid cars on American roads; some new, most used.  The used car market for hybrids offers a broader section of the public an opportunity to enjoy leading-edge automotive technology.  As well as take advantage of savings due to outstanding fuel economy.

This opportunity comes with a quandary.  Hybrid engines aren’t like anything else seen in the past 100+ years.  They don’t run like regular cars, and the battery is something new for potential owners to think through. All of a sudden the new components that make the car attractive also make it a little suspect.

This 4-part guide is here to help prospective used hybrid car buyers through the quandary.  In it’s pages, you’ll find solid information to help you make the right decision when buying a used hybrid.  Outside of a few things to look for in a specific model, we’re not making any recommendations; it’s up to you to find the car you like.  This guide is here to help with what to look for in a used hybrid, and focuses on the new heart of the car–the battery.

The guide is in iBook format, and can be read on your iOS or MacOS device.

So lets get started.  Click on the image and download your “Guide to Buying a Used Hybrid Car”


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