Reasons Not To Buy An Electric Car (Spoiler Alert There Is Only One!)

Electric vehicles (EVs) have got so much going for them that when we wanted to a write a balance post on the pros and cons, we failed. We failed because, there is only one con, and even that is in the process of being changed, something you can find out more about, along with all the pros of EVs, in the post below.


The one reason you may not want to buy an electric car right now

The reason that some folks are put off from buying an EVs at the moment is due to the lack of charging stations. The issue is that if your EV doesn’t have an extended battery charge, you will have to carefully plan your journeys to ensure you have enough fuel to get to your destination and don’t get stranded.

However, if you have been out of your house recently, you will know what this situation is changing. In fact, you will find EV charging stations in store and mall parking lots springing up all over the country. Homeowners are even going the whole hog and having charging stations installed on their own property too.

Combine this with the fact that batteries are being developed that have a more substantial charge and can go a longer distance, and you can see it’s only a matter of time for this issue disappears altogether.


Pro – cheap to run

One of the biggest positives involved in buying an EV over a regular fossil fuel car is that is way cheaper to run. Firstly, the electricity itself is less expensive than fossil fuels.

However, you can also save on additional running costs because companies like Safe Auto can offer cheaper insurance rates because of the high safety spec and low emissions that EVs produce. Something that makes using an electric car a win-win situation for your wallet.


Pro – great for the environment

Of course, one of the most important reasons that people choose an EV over fossil fuel cars is the benefits they have for the environment.

Obviously, this is to do with the reducing the use of fossil fuels which contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming. In fact, as more energy generating stations convert to renewable sources, it will become possible to run EVs of green energy entirely.  

Also, don’t forget that high amount of fossil fuels are involved in transporting tankers to gas stations all over the country. Something else that can be stopped entirely, if everyone uses an electric car.


Pro – noise pollution

Lastly, don’t forget that it’s not just air pollution that EVs can make a positive difference too but noise issues as well. After all, electric cars are much quieter than their gas-guzzling counterparts. Something you will know if you have every hair on pull away from a standing stop.

Of course, this is excellent news for anyone living in a built-up urban area, and it can even help to propose to the repopulation of nature into these spaces because creature will no longer be frightened off by the noise. Just another example of why buying an EV is the best choice around.

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