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Must-Have Eco-Car Accessories

The current trend is to be as eco-friendly as you can be in all areas of our lives, and not without good reasons. With the amount of damage that has been done to the planet, we need to try and reverse it so future generations do not suffer. Manufacturers are at the forefront of many of the eco-friendly innovations, including car accessories, which when combined with your eco-vehicles will make the world of difference.


Solar Powered Blue Tooth Car Kits

It seems that many of the energy saving and so more eco-friendly things that start in our homes are being passed on to other areas. Now you can buy solar powered Bluetooth car kits. The solar panel is small enough to adhere to a windscreen without causing any obstruction to the driver’s view. These Bluetooth enabled speakerphones will give 16 hours of talk time after just 2 hours of charging, long enough for any journey. They also often have a USB charging cable for those not so sunny days.


LED Driving Lights

LED lights have superseded all other types of light bulbs, which you can read more about here. Basically,  they are more environmentally friendly and last much longer, as well as giving much better illumination when you are driving in the dark. The light they produce is more even, but will not be so dazzling for drivers coming the other way.

Some manufacturers have now started to fit these as standard, especially on eco-cars, but it is not always the case, so be sure to check.


Waterless Car Washes

Waterless car washes are not just more eco-friendly, they have less chemicals to damage your hybrid car.  Some are in spray form and just for the exterior, while there are others that are formulated to work on your seats, dashboard, tires and wheels. They are simple to use and make cleaning your car a whole lot easier. As most of the ones for external use have wax in, they also provide better protection from the weather and road dirt for your car.


Recycled Rubber Mats

Rubber mats designed to protect your car floor are available in recycled rubber.  They have a sure-grip nib backing that makes them ideal for all types of vehicles, from cars up to HGV’s.


Eco-Friendly Wiper Blades

These are made from a high quality silicone, which is fully recyclable. They are tough and durable and do not need replacing as often as standard wiper blades. When they are finished with, they can be turned back into liquid silicone and be used to make more new blades.


Air Fresheners

If you like air fresheners in your car, read the attached label and you will find that most of them have toxic chemicals. They often do not get rid of a nasty smell in your car, but just mask it. Opt for the natural air fresheners, which tend to have the aroma of plants such as lemon, cinnamon, orange, pine, vanilla or almond. You can even make these yourself by a piece of cloth to a piece of card, which could be in any shape you want, and putting a few drops of natural oil onto the cloth. You can buy the natural oils in most organic stores.

Yes, your eco car can be even more environmentally friendly!


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