Passed Your Driving Test - Now What?

Passed Your Driving Test – Now What?

So, you’ve passed your driving test, and you have the car of your dreams on the drive ready to go. What next? Well, apart from the general maintenance, which you should’ve been learning about the last couple of months it is time to really get to grips with driving. There are some things you should aim to do in the weeks following your passed test to make you a better driver.

You have likely scoped out a great deal on your car insurance and prepped on what to do if you ever happen to be in an accident. The next thing to make sure you have is a high-quality dash-cam, something like a xiaomi yi dashcam will do the job. Because you are a new driver, out on your own for the first time, you might feel a little unsure, having a camera will help quell the nerves and if you do happen to get in an accident, you have some evidentiary support – should you need it.

Remember that before the test, you are learning to pass the test and drive safely. After you’ve passed, you’re learning to drive in the real world. If you have a parent or friend that has time, ask them to come out on a few routes with you, to get you used to driving to new places, tackling different driving challenges. Try and head out in a few different conditions, like night driving, heavy rain, snow and at rush hour. This is will ease you into driving in normal conditions and increase your confidence.

How many times did you sit in the driver’s seat of the lesson car and do the cockpit drill? A few. Well, now you have the brand new (to you) car, take some time to sit down and get used to where everything is. If you happen to be driving, and suddenly it gets very foggy, but you haven’t spent time learning where the fog lights are – that could cause a problem. Get to know your new car.

Make sure you have a spare tyre in the trunk, and a basic first aid kit in the car too. Simple things like a wind-up torch and some hazard triangles can help no end if you happen to break down somewhere that is a little off the beaten track.

Your blind spot will always be a blind spot. When you are taking lessons, and for the test, you will diligently be checking your blind spot, when you pass the temptation to be lazy becomes high. The thing is, your blind spot is big enough to have a person on a push bike, a motorbike or a car in it. Checking it will save lives.

Apart from the basics, go out as often as you can on short journeys and build up to a slightly longer trip that involves the freeway, confidence is critical to enjoying driving. Being a safe driver will lower your insurance, reduce the wear and tear on your car and keep you safe long term.

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