3 Emergent Technologies Set To Make Streets Safer

3 Emergent Technologies Set To Make Streets Safer

It’s an interesting time to be a car nut. Not only are cars becoming more self-sufficient and the whole hybrid car and electric vehicle consideration has become mainstream and normal, but the future technologies of tomorrow are slowly becoming the present technologies of today. Let’s face it, this is a very exciting prospect. So why not get excited about it?


To revel in the future of something, you need to understand what effects it will have. For this reason, knowing how emergent technologies are likely to benefit road safety can help you contextualize your understanding. Consider the following technologies currently being worked on with more efficiency, and you’ll see just how the road of tomorrow is a safer road for all.


Car Tracking

Soon enough, motor vehicles are going to have refined methods of communicating with other vehicles. This might be in terms of broadcasting and reading the positions of other vehicles on the road, which can help your vehicle take countermeasures to avoid an issue that might require a car accident attorney. It might also be that your car can read the average speed of other cars on the road, or assess the straightness and regularity with which another vehicle is driving and recommend the berth in which you mind find safe to generate between you. Car tracking on the road is sure to become much more interesting, and with computers now hosting basic voice assistants and sensitive camera’s, it’s not hard to see how in ten years this might be the norm.


Breach Protection

Many models of car can detect a false break in and connect the vehicle to the police department, or at least notify you on your phone. This can prevent break-ins from happening, or at least deter an attempt. If an attempt was made, it can be that a vehicle understands this, and slows the vehicle down to a stop while also locking the doors until the police arrive. As these modes become standardized, road thefts are sure to drop to a degree, or at least more prosecutions will take place.


Many road traffic accidents are linked to negligent driving or crime, so it’s exciting to consider how this prospect could lessen those figures, and reduce the profitability for criminals to even consider those actions.


Road Impact

As vehicles become more and more energy efficient and waste lest toxins – sometimes switching up fuel source completely, the nature of roads and road traffic pollution is likely to diminish to a staggering degree. Air quality is likely to improve, but also the deterioration of roads and the quality of such. This can be an intensely exciting prospect to consider, especially for those concerned with the environment. By extension, with less carcinogens on the road, the driving experience and the pedestrian experience will become healthier as result, and we’re all sure to breathe a breath of fresh air.


With these technologies set to advance over the next decade, you are sure to see some very positive changes being made to road safety and health. That always, always, always sounds good to us.


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