Are Drink Driving Laws About To Become Even Stricter?

Are Drink Driving Laws About To Become Even Stricter?

Drink driving laws have gotten much, much stricter over the years. In the past, you had to be obviously drunk to get in trouble for drink driving. These days, you don’t have to be drunk. You simply have to have a breath alcohol amount above the legal limit. You might feel fine, but your breath alcohol may tell a different story. New studies are published almost daily concerning worldwide drunk driving statistics and causes.


If you are caught driving drunk in some states such as Washington or Texas, you could lose your license for a predetermined amount of time, based on your toxicity level at the time of testing or arrest, or you could end up losing it altogether. States are now showing that drink driving will not be tolerated and that you can’t just get behind the wheel and get away with it, with scant regard for anybody else’s safety.


Drink driving is a thoughtless, dangerous act and often affects people on the road who don’t even drink – sometimes pedestrians, too. This is why states are enforcing mandatory jail time for drunk drivers. Many states also require that you pass a DUI school release exam before reinstating your lost license. A psychological assessment test may also be required before being allowed to even retain your license. Not to mention how your insurance premiums will shoot up once you’ve been in trouble for drink driving!


The courts are awarding higher damages to those injured by drunk drivers. Firms like Hughey Law Firm, LLC can help the drunk driver to a certain extent, but you’ll never get off the hook completely if you choose to drink and get behind the wheel. It’s a serious offence and should be avoided at all costs. Many drivers agree that the law should be more strict, and only a small percentage believe that they are too strict already.


Business owners should consider themselves at risk too. If your business serves alcohol by the drink you can take the first step in protecting yourself against lawsuits by having a coin-operated alcohol breath analyzer on the premises. Preventing people from drink driving from your premises is the best way to avoid getting into trouble from drunk drivers, and you might even reduce premiums.


While the laws are different in each state, the consequences you must face from driving drunk are becoming more hard hitting. Getting an attorney in hopes of getting a reduced sentence or pleading to a reduced charge may work in some cases, but it just isn’t worth the hassle in the first place.


The penalties that the judge must impose are mandated by state law. In some states, even first offenders may be facing lengthy license suspensions and a weekend in jail, regardless of how little they were over the limit at the time. Many states have also passed Habitual Violator laws, which provide felony penalties for three DUI convictions. These offenders lose many of their civil rights, like being able to vote or own a weapon. It could also mean losing their driving license forever, or for a long, long time after getting into trouble.

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