Here are some of the top ways to make your cars more eco-friendly this year.

Making Vehicles More Eco Friendly

Summer is upon us and it is time to make some fun road trips into the countryside with our families. If you want to save some fuel on your travels and make sure that your car is more eco-friendly there are many different things you can do. Here are some of the top ways to make your cars more eco-friendly this year.

Fill Under-inflated Tires

Tyre pressure might not seem like the biggest issue you need to deal with before your road trip, but an under-inflated tire can actually make an issue for your car as it will not roll as efficiently. This can cause a problem for your eco-friendliness because your car, in turn, needs to do more work and uses more fuel in order to move the same distance. You can invest in a tire gauge to fill up your tires at home and save this causing you an issue when you go away for the weekend.

Remove Extra Weight

We all know that the more weight in your car, the slower it can move. This means that in order to build up to the same speed as before, the car has to work harder and will, in turn, use up much more fuel and emit larger quantities of gas into the atmosphere. If you can reduce the overall weight in your car by removing non essential items from your car it can make a positive difference in the space.


One way to reduce the fuel usage in your car and to allow you to travel further is to install a tank for diesel exhaust fluid in the car. This will allow you to emit less NOx into the atmosphere, it will keep your car healthier for longer, and it is completely harmless. You can purchase it online at PEAK C&I or at automobile stores.

Turn Off The Air Con

During the summer months it can be difficult to avoid pressing the air con button every time you enter your car, but after a long time of usage, it can strain your electrical system and therefore put more pressure onto your engine. If you can open up your windows on the road instead this is much better for your car and will actually be cooler than the air con is anyway.

Check the Emissions

Your car has an emissions system inside it which works to make sure that your vehicle emits less harmful gases into the environment by cleaning the exhaust fumes. It is a complex system and will sometimes need help in order to maintain the efficiency of cleaning. Make sure that you get this system checked often to ensure it is working to its full capacity.

Your car is a machine which has many working parts, and in order to make it as eco-friendly as possible, you need to drive safe, check the car regularly and be sure to check for issues as soon as they arise. With all of this, you should have no problems having an eco-friendly drive this summer.

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