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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to know about Getting your First Electric Car

If you are contemplating buying an electric car or if you are not sure if an electric car is for you or not then you will have so much to think about. After all, you need to think about your budget, the car that you are going to buy and even if you want an electric car. That is why this guide is designed to help you through all of those tough decisions without any difficulty at all.

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There are actually two different types of electric car available. You have an all-electric car with a battery-driven motor and you also have a hybrid car, where the battery power and the motor are all backed up by a combustion engine. If you live in a rural area, or if you do a lot of long-distance driving then a hybrid may be a better option because if you buy a battery powered car then this may not be able to drive as far when compared. If this is going to be essential to your lifestyle then it is certainly something that you need to be thinking about. Hybrid cars are more energy efficient when compared to petrol or diesel alone, but they are more expensive.


The next thing that you’ll have to think about is the insurance. You’ll have to think about whether or not it is going to be cheaper for you to get insurance and what will be covered in it. In some instances it is possible for you to get your charging unit insured as this is connected to your car, so it is worth checking with your local insurer to see if this is possible or not. Cheap car insurance is very easy to come by when you do your research and when you know where to look, so when you are making your decision, don’t go for the first insurer that you see and always shop around to make sure that you are happy with your deal.

Charging your Car

A lot of vehicle owners charge their car from a domestic socket but this is slow and it can also be dangerous as well. For this reason, you’ll need to make sure that you have a qualified electrician who can come and have a look at your home to make sure that you have all of the breakers, the isolation switches and even the resistances in place as well.

This will help you to ensure that your plugs do not overheat and it is a great way for you to make sure that your vehicle is charging up quickly and efficiently. After all, the last thing you’ll want is to buy a green, or eco-friendly car, only to find that you are wasting tons of electricity by charging it through an outlet that is not suitable. It also helps for you to make sure that there is a charging point at your place of work, so you can keep your car topped up if you ever run low on charge.

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