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Can Tech Really Make Roads Safer?

If you have been keeping an eye on tech advances recently, you might, like so many other people, be wondering whether tech can actually make the world a safer place. More specifically, can the roads be safer to drive? Can we feel more comfortable travelling to and from work or anywhere else that we need to go thanks to new tech? Well, in some cases the answer is yes, and in others, it’s perhaps not as clear. Let’s explore this concept by looking at some of the tech that is being used on roads and has been introduced on the market to see what it could mean for drivers.

Less Congestion

Congestion is a common cause of road accidents, and it’s not difficult to understand why. People don’t expect to come to a grinding half on the highway. When they do, they are typically not prepared for the abrupt change and may not respond rapidly enough before a collision occurs. What’s the answer to congestion?

Well, one possibility would be smart highways. Smart highways are useful because they can actually change to help drivers on the road avoid congestion completely. The idea is that computer systems can monitor the level of traffic on the road and predict what scenario would cause a case of congestion. At this point, the speed on the road could be changed appropriately to avoid the congestion ever occurring. As such, the roads would be less clogged and notably safer.

The tech isn’t quite as advanced as it needs to be for this to be completely effective but it’s certainly getting there. We may not be that far from driving on roads where congestion is quite simply an issue of the past as are the accidents caused by it.

Driving a high tech electric carNo Drivers

In theory, no drivers in cars sounds like a great idea. Human error is immediately removed from the driving equation. But you do need to be careful with this idea. It’s important to realise a few things. First, the tech can’t quite be trusted yet and second it’s too expensive. The cost of a self-driving car would be more than ten thousand over the price you’d expect to typically pay. This means that a lot of people are still going to have cars they can drive for years to come yet. That’s actually good news if you’re using an injury firm to claim compensation for an accident that wasn’t your fault. Suing a single driver is far easier than suing the producer of a self-driving vehicle.

Always Being Watched

There was a study not so long ago that revealed people were less likely to cheat on a test if there was a mirror in the room. This suggests that if we know we’re being watched, even by ourselves, we’re less likely to be involved in behaviour that is wrong. As such, if you want to make sure that people aren’t messing around the road while you’re driving and potentially risking your life as well as others, it’s worth getting a car cam. This ingenious cheap piece of tech could be a lifesaver because it will mean that cars drive more carefully around and near your vehicle on the road.

As you can see then, while some tech could make the roads a safer place, other possibilities may need to advance a little further to be effective.

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