The VW Golf GTE Sport Concept: the Rabbit GTI for a New Generation

The video above is where most Americans first learned about what we now call the Sport Compact car.  Set to a Beach Boys-style riff, this commercial hooked me and millions of others on an affordable car that was fast, roomy and handled well.

Fast forward to a GTI fan rally held in May of this year at Lake Wörthersee in Austria.  This event, the 34th annual “GTI Meet”, was the perfect place for VW to introduce their ideas on where the sport compact is going.  Take a look at what they have in store:

Granted, this video isn’t as catchy as the one from 1984. But it succinctly states the future.  The Golf GTE Sport is where VW is heading.  If you’ve been following us for a bit, you’ll know that the acronym “GTE” means hybrid power.  From VW Global Media:

The Golf GTE Sport transfers the Volkswagen GT tradition into tomorrow’s world. A total of three motors – combined in a 295 kW / 400 PS plug-in hybrid drive system – power the high-tech Golf, which is largely made of carbon. The 280 km/h concept car leaves the usual boundaries between road car and racing car behind: its progressive hybrid system combined with high-tech all-wheel drive, the lightweight body, optimum aerodynamic downforce levels, a high-precision chassis, a new motorsport cockpit and an extraordinary seating concept facilitate breathtaking performance on the racetrack. At the press of a button, however, the concept car is equally able to drive up to 50 kilometres by electric motor alone and thus with zero emissions.


The worlds most famous sport compact goes green.  As well as a lot faster. 295 kw and 280 km/h means, for those of us on the Imperial scale, 395 horsepower and 173 mph.


The concept packs this power into a carbon-fiber body, precision chassis and channels it to the road via an all wheel drive system.  So you might not be able to drift in this car.  But you will be able to outmaneuver the rest of the drifters.

MasterJumpstyler1, an attendee at the Lake Wörthersee event, posted this video of the GTE Sport.  Enjoy!


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