Meanwhile in Q2 2015, Tesla Delivers 52% More EVs Year Over Year

There’s not many spectacular plays out there for investors.  Between Greece and the EU, low interest rates, and Chinese market instability, the only real play is with options.  If you can time your bet with the ups and downs of a company, a savvy investor can make a little killing.

In Tesla’s case, there are people betting large amounts of money that they stumble or fail. These people make money off failure by shorting the stock. “Shorting” means betting that a company will fail and have a lower stock price at a specific point in the future.

To a certain extent it’s a safe bet, as Elon and company are undertaking something quite unique.  But the shorts need to generate a lot of negative buzz in order to build a perception of downward or unfulfilled momentum.  And that’s where the madness of today’s media kicks in.  Failure is trumpeted, success is treated with silence.  Unless you’re Donald Trump.

Which is why every twist and turn of Tesla is in the news.  Well…most every twist and turn.  Earlier today, Tesla announced that they had delivered over 11,000 vehicles in Q2 2015, a 52% increase year over year, and 15% increase quarter-over-quarter.

At Seeking Alpha, a noted home for Tesla shorts, the comments are riddled with investors making fun of some notable Tesla-haters.

I’ve been watching Bloomberg Business on my iPad this morning.  Needless to say, the headlines are Greece, followed by the June unemployment report.  Had Tesla stumbled even a bit, the news would have been the third story.  As it is, the company is a mention during Bloomberg’s hourly stock feature spotlight. Even a simple Google search doesn’t report the same sassy headlines talking about their achievement.

In other Tesla news:


BTW, the video above is from Tesla, showcasing the 1 billionth mile driven by owners.  Given some of the good news out there, had I bet money on Tesla’s failure, I might be a little nervous too.


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