Buying a Used Hybrid? Why You Won’t Need to Replace the Battery

Batteries and battery power engages Americans from the time they’re very young.  Batteries make the things we love work.  A toy or a remote control with a depleted battery is one thing.  But for a car owner, a depleted battery when you’re 50 miles from home is something else altogether.

For people considering buying a used hybrid car, the top question is whether and when will the battery pack need to be replaced.  The thinking is that a hybrid car battery, like those in our phones is something that will eventually go bad.  And you can’t buy a 6-pack of Prius batteries at the Home Depot.

Let me be clear.  You don’t have to replace your battery.  Unless you want to.  Hybrid car batteries carry warranties out to 100,000 miles.  There are many checks and diagnostics that you and a certified mechanic can do to monitor your battery’s performance.  There are ways to renew hybrid car batteries.  Last of all, since a hybrid car battery is a series of cells working together to provide power, when you have battery trouble, you may not need to replace the entire array.  Just the bad cell.

Having said that, let me bring in some other voices to confirm.  Above, you saw the video, courtesy of our friends at The Hybrid Shop, reaffirming my point.  Here’s another video from The Hybrid Shop on another magic question, how long your hybrid battery should last:

Here’s another Hybrid Shop video on how to check the performance and life of a used hybrid car battery:

Here’s some info on the value of reconditioning and renewing a used hybrid car battery, again from our friends at The Hybrid Shop:

Did you catch his point that a hybrid car should be driven regularly, the impact of climate and terrain–and that a hybrid battery can be rebalanced in order to extend it’s life even longer?

So the next time a barstool genius, or the greasy hipster with the ‘stache says that you’ll have to replace the battery of a used hybrid, remember that you have options.

Last but not least, here’s a video from Tim.  Tim is a regular, but handy, guy who diagnosed and replaced a bad cell in his Toyota Prius.  Take a look at the video comments.  There are some people out there going a long, long way on their battery packs.  If they’re half right, it’s still a long way.

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