9 Things You Need to Know about the 2015 Volkswagen Sharan

For many adult Germans, the VW Sharan is like our Chrysler minivan.  Solid transportation for 5+ people.  In fact, VW has sold over 800,000 since it’s launch in 1995.  Which aren’t bad numbers at all considering the Sharan never came to the USA.

For it’s 20-year anniversary, VW is launching an updated version.  It was teased at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and will appear proper in showrooms later in 2015.  Thanks to a timely update from our friends at VW, here are 9 things to know about the new VW Sharan:

  1. There’s a new top-line TDI engine that is 8.3% more efficient, while generating 181 bhp and 280 ft lbs of torque.  Note that there are 3 other diesel engines.  But as they say in the movies, “there can be only one”.  This is the one worth having.
  2. Unfortunately, we won’t see the Sharan in the USA.  Which means that the Euro 6 compliant exhaust system won’t need to be tweaked for EPA review.
  3. The new Sharan will indulge our need to entertain ourselves while driving or riding along.  The Sharan will be fully compatible with Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirror-link (VW’s in-house equivalent), and Car Net.  Car net is VW’s version of a mobile app and OnStar.  It notifies the authorities in case of airbag deployment.  You can set a boundary for the vehicle, and if it goes outside of the boundary, you are alerted. You can use the app to view your car’s status, unlock doors, schedule maintenance visits, etc.
  4. It’s full of all kinds of new and cool driver assistance tech. Post-collision Braking System allows the driver to limp a post collision car to a safe area–depending on the severity of collision.
  5. Front Assist brakes the Sharan to avoid collision.  City Emergency Braking is a part of Front Assist that monitors proximity in close quarters.  Get too close too fast and City Emergency Braking slows you down.  Front Assist will stop you before impact.
  6. Adaptive Cruise Control allows you to maintain your speed while maintaining your spacing with the vehicle in front of you. Blind Spot Monitor keeps you from sideswiping people, while Rear Traffic Alert keeps you from flattening what’s behind you.  And if you trust it, Park Assist will park you.
  7. Newly designed and brighter rear LED lights help you see what Rear Traffic Alert keeps you from hitting.  And you can get spiffy new 16-inch wheels.
  8. There are 3 trim lines, all quite confusing but seem quite comfortable.  Trendline is the base trim line, followed like Comfortline, and Highline.  The real hubbub is with the Beach, and Ocean trim lines.  The Beach version comes in a new red color.  The video above and images below are of the Ocean trim line.  Both are loaded with all the goodies.
  9. As we’ve already established, the new Sharan isn’t coming to the States.  But it will be in European showrooms beginning in mid to late July.



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