The Brabus B50 PowerXtra. Image by Brabus Media.

Brabus Turns a Mercedes S500 PHEV into the B50 PowerXtra Hybrid

Green cars go fast.  If you ask Brabus, they can be engineered to go faster.

Who is Brabus?  They’re one of the leading specialty automotive boutiques that specializes in taking existing mass production cars and making them breathtaking.  You’ve heard of them.  Saleen is another leading one.  There are others; especially in this reality TV world.  West Coast Customs is probably the grandaddy, thanks to “Pimp My Ride.”

Where West Coast Customs is cool, Brabus is bespoke.  If you don’t know what “bespoke” means, then look it up and aspire.

Anyway, let’s get to the point.  Which is that Brabus has taken a run of the mill 2016 Mercedes S500 Hybrid and turned it into a monster:

With the new BRABUS PowerXtra B50 hybrid performance kit for the Mercedes S 500 Plug-in Hybrid BRABUS demonstrates once again its know-how in vehicle refinement. Through the increase in output of the V6 engine, the system performance of the hybrid sedan rises to 500 hp and 890 Nm.


890 Newton-meters of torque equates to 656 lb./ft of torque. That’s quite a bit more than the 436 hp and 479 torques you get in a brand new unmodified 5,093 lb. S500 hybrid.  Clearly, the Brabus B50 can “get up” as the saying goes.  But how fast?

The luxury liner sprints so in just 4.9 seconds from zero to 60 and confident in everyday driving by a further enhanced sovereignty. Due to the hybrid system, the maximum speed is electronically limited to 155 mph.


Good Lord.  Performance like this while meeting EU emissions standards.  Incredible.

Read more about the B50 PowerXtra here.


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