Formula E in Berlin Pre Race Update, image courtesy of FIA Formula E

Formula E in Berlin: Circuit Overview and Pre-race Update

Starting today, electric cars will race around Templehofer Field in Berlin, Germany.  Before the green flag flies at 4:00 pm Saturday, May 23 (local time), we’d like to update you on a few things Formula-E:

Berlin E Prix Circuit Guide: for the first time this season, the cars will not race on city streets.  The Berlin ePrix this takes place on an airfield.

FIA Formula E Berlin E Prix Circuit, courtesy of FIA Formula E

FIA Formula E Berlin E Prix Circuit, courtesy of FIA Formula E

17 turns in what looks to be a very tight area.  I’m envisioning a lot of energy expended between Turns 17 and 1, as well as Turns 4 and 6.  Lots of tight corners where well-positioned drivers can overtake, or ill-positioned ones can be heroic.  Click here for an overview of the Berlin circuit from Nick Heidfeld of Venturi Racing.


Vote Now! FanBoost is Closing Soon: Formula E is the only racing circuit in the world where fans can influence the race with a vote of support.  Click here to vote for your favorite Berlin E Prix driver.  The three drivers with the most votes will each receive one five-second ‘power boost’ per car, temporarily increasing their car’s power from 150kw (202.5bhp) to 180kw (243bhp).


Formula E, Season Two–Schaffler Joins AudiSport ABT as a Technology Partner:  Audi Sport ABT has announced that Schaeffler will join the team as technology partner and will supply a new powertrain for season two.

Speaking during the official pre-event press conference ahead of Saturday’s DHL Berlin ePrix, Prof. Dr. Peter Gutzmer from Schaeffler said:

“We have decided to join as a partner of the Audi Sport ABT team right from the beginning. Schaeffler stands in the pedigree of development systems of mobility for the future. The future of individual mobility will also be electrified. This is what we have seen in this competition so far, there has been innovation, different tracks and advancements in technology. The global reaction to Formula E has been so tremendous that we have decided to join the ABT team as technology partner. We have signed a contract to develop the powertrain from season two.”

Click here for more about the new partnership.


Michelin Motorsport on Formula E tire technology: slicks are the tire one is most accustomed to seeing at track races.  But Formula E features treaded tires for cars approaching Formula One speeds and g-forces.  Why treads?  Why is Formula E a little different?  Below is a snippet from an interview with Pascal Couasnon, director of Michelin Motorsport, Serge Grisin, Formula E Project Manager at Michelin Motorsport and Estelle Perrier, the development engineer who designed the Formula E Tires.

Grisin: “We proposed to have a patterned tyre to reduce the number of tyres developed, produced and transported to races. A rain tyre is something you bring a lot of time to tracks and you bring back a lot of time without running it.”

Couasnon: “I understand that we are under some extreme conditions sometimes you have to have very specialised tyres but in this case we wanted to meet a challenge and get closer to reality – you don’t change your tyre when it goes from dry to wet, well let’s try to do the same thing in racing – so far we haven’t had rain, but we know that the tyre works very well in the wet, and the feedback has been extremely positive.”

Click here for the rest of the interview.


Berlin ePrix may break a Guiness World Record: on Saturday afternoon (local time), FIA Formula E hopes to host the world’s largest parade of electric vehicles.  Last year, a similar event in Silicon Valley saw 506 EVs in a parade.  To commemorate the first electric car race in Berlin, the event organizers hope to hold an EV parade with more than 507 electric powered cars, trucks and other vehicles.

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