5 Minutes to Charge Your Electric Car Battery? Really….?

The people at StoreDot, an Israeli startup, believe that EVs using their batteries will be able to recharge in just 5 minutes.

“StoreDot wishes to expand into the electric car market and become the leader in the race for the fastest charged battery. This step is a part of our move to commercialize our cutting-age technology, that can change the lives of smartphone users and drivers.”


I’m looking at my watch to see how long before Elon Musk and Tesla, Carlos Ghosn and Nissan/Renault buy them.

From our friends at Geektime:

At Microsoft’s Think Next conference held in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, the company announced that exactly a year from now, it will present its ultra-fast charging technology, which will charge electric car batteries in five minutes. In order to make it happen, the company has developed a system composed of 7,000 cells, each of them capable of a fast charge. In comparison, five minutes of charging today will suffice for only 8 kilometers in a Tesla, Elon Musk’s electric car…


…Behind the scenes, the Nanodots have been synthesized to bio-organic peptide molecules that can change the capabilities of mobile devices. The Nanodots are made of the same peptides, which are short chains of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. The manufacturing process is available at a relatively low cost because of their natural origin and the fact they’re based on a biological mechanism of self-assembly. In fact, they can be made from a variety of raw bio-organic components that are available for use.


What’s a Nanodot?  Get ready.  A Nanodot is an atomic sized organic container made of amino acid. The container can hold information–in this case electrical charge–and transfer it to a larger structure–say a battery cell.  The best part?  StoreDot’s primary technology is non-toxic, environmentally safe and doesn’t require rare earth metals.

This is StoreDot’s second iteration of it’s FlashBattery technology.  The first use was a cellphone battery that could charge in 30 seconds.   Back to StoreDot:

…Using a unique hybrid multifunction electrode (MFE), StoreDot’s FlashBattery combines two types of energy storage solutions, incorporating the high-power rapid-charging capability of an SC with the high-energy storage ability and low self-discharge rate of a LiB (lithium-ion battery)…


…StoreDot’s organic compounds and battery architecture provide 4 times more charge/discharge cycles compared to any existing battery, increasing the number of cycles from 500 to 2,000. Using compounds that are less likely to metalize during these cycles, FlashBattery eliminates the risk of an internal electrical short almost entirely, which significantly prolongs battery life expectancy….


This is a very good thing.  Almost too good.  Samsung and a few other venture firms are investing in StoreDot.

Here’s my question(s).  Has the battery business moved too far in the Li-ion direction to accommodate technology that lessens the industry’s reliance on rare earth minerals?  Does China, as the leading exporter of these minerals–as well as the biggest emerging market for EVs–somehow manages to muddy the water?

That’s probably a bit too realpolitik. But if this product lives up to even 85% of it’s billing, it could be a real wildcard.

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