What to See at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show: Kia Trail’ster Concept

Today is the first day for public consumption of the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.  Let me tell you there are lots of things pretty things to look at.  And there are cars to look at as well.  Whether you’re going as an aficionado or because you need a new vehicle, this year’s show beats the 2014 installment.

What we’re going to do at HECN is provide a series of installments on what to see at the show.  We’re going to start with a concept, the Kia Trail’ster.  Based on the preview material, I figured it would be a glorified AWD Soul with an electric assist to the powertrain.

I was floored to see that the Trail’ster was going to be so good looking.  I also was happy to hear that the electric drive motor, slaved to the rear axle, was there to help with acceleration and traction.  Traction is easy, when the on-board computer says “more grip”, the electric motor engages the rear wheels accordingly.  Acceleration sounds like it will be even more fun.  When the driver stomps the right pedal, the turbo charger starts whipping the front axle to life.  The electric motor, full of instant torque, starts lashing the rear as well.  Off the line should be surprisingly quick, and smiles should emanate from all but the most dour drivers.

It’s a concept, so there’s no real inside there yet.  But since it’s a derivative of the Soul, expect to see a “soul-ish” interior.

So if you’re going to the Chicago Auto Show, be sure to check out the Kia Trail’ster concept.  You can see video of the reveal above, taken from the HECN live broadcast.

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