Tesla Sends Over the Air Performance Update to Model S P85D Owners

Welcome to the Connected Car, where entire fleets of cars, pretty much no matter the location, can be updated wirelessly.  That’s the interesting takeaway behind a recent software update to the Tesla Model S P85D.  You know, the car with acceleration that makes people do this (nsfw):

An update for this all-electric family sedan was recently sent over-the-air.  Meaning no one had to plug in.  No one had to take the car in for service.  Probably no sent mail, although I imagine there was an email, or an alert at the vehicle’s message center.  Press a button and done.

Granted, you couldn’t approach a physical update or a recall in this way.  But you could make it much more effective, given the onboard information center.  Instead of sending mail, you’d send a message to the information center, and repeat the alert until the owner either scheduled a service visit.  You would know how many owners complied instantly.

The update?  It was performance-based, and lowered 0-60 times to 2.8 seconds from 3.2.



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