2015 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock

Jeep to Make a Hybrid Wrangler Rock Crawler?

Although this makes all the sense in the world, I’m sure it will be greeted in certain circles as apostasy.  From the fine people at AutoBlog.com, via “the grapevine”:

This may the year a Jeep hybrid is officially announced. Really. The Chrysler division may finally be making plans for its first gas-electric powertrain to help boost the group’s fuel economy, says UK’s Auto Express, citing Mike Manley, CEO of FCA’s Jeep division.

The guinea pig of sorts may be the Wrangler, which moved almost a quarter-million units in the US last year. The Wrangler could get a hybrid drivetrain by the 2017 model year, as Jeep executives look to maintain the model’s feel and torque while boosting its fuel economy. The Wrangler gets a pretty paltry 18 miles per gallon combined out of its six-cylinder mill, so the bar’s set pretty low.


The only unspoken caveat is that this vehicle would be a “compliance model”, a car created solely to pad fleet MPG figures.  In actuality these vehicles would be as rare as…the Yeti.  For me, the most famous “compliance model” was the Escalade Hybrid.

Fiat Chrysler could use some help in the MPG department.  Of all the cars “imported from Detroit”, only the Fiat 500 gets decent gas mileage. The 500e helps, but may need some stronger marketing to help sales numbers.  A hybrid model helps with the instant torque supplied by an electric motor, and a low mounted battery helps with stability.  Better gas mileage helps everyone involved, save for those few who still cling to the belief that Jeeps should burn gas like the Koch brothers spend money on politicians.

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