Automotive Tech Rolls On: Toyota to Test Better Hybrid Technology

Here’s a glimpse into how hybrid technology improves, from the fine engineers at Toyota:

Power semiconductors are found in power control units (PCUs), which are used to control motor drive power in hybrids and other vehicles with electric powertrains. PCUs play a crucial role in the use of electricity, supplying battery power to the motors during operation and recharging the battery using energy recovered during deceleration.
At present, power semiconductors account for approximately 20 percent of a vehicle’s total electrical losses, meaning that raising the efficiency of the power semiconductors is a promising way to increase powertrain efficiency.
By comparison with existing silicon power semiconductors, the newly developed high quality silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors create less resistance when electricity flows through them.


Toyota SIC Hybrid Test Vehicle

Image courtesy of Toyota Global Media


What does that all mean? ¬†Technically, when there’s less resistance, more power can flow. ¬†Practically, future Toyota hybrid models will be more powerful and economical. ¬†Toyota plans to integrate the finding from this test into new models as soon as possible.


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