California Opens First Paid Hydrogen Fueling Station

Now you can buy hydrogen for your fuel cell vehicle.  In California.

That fact may seem trite.  But if fuel cell is going to catch on, it has to have demand.  The number of fuel cell vehicles is growing.  If fuel cell is going to catch on, then people are going to have to make money at all points of the manufacturing, sales and service line.  Which means the days of free hydrogen have to go away.

The key to the whole thing was the lack of an accurate metering system:

With no way to measure how much hydrogen is being dispensed, there hasn’t been a way to charge customers until now.


In contrast to gasoline pumps–which have become more accurate thanks to the increased scrutiny brought on by thousands of transactions over the years–there hasn’t been a need to accurately meter hydrogen because of the small number of vehicles on the road.


Honda, Toyota and Hyundai are working on projects to build more hydrogen stations in California.  Toyota is working on a fueling network along a portion of the Northwest Corridor, from Boston to New York.  Back in Japan, the government is making it easier for fuel cell to gain footing in the domestic market.

It is really beginning to look like the Japanese are eschewing hybrid technology for fuel cell….

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