2015 Kia Soul EV: For $27k You Can Stop Buying Gas

The Kia Soul EV itself is looks to be a great little EV.  Here’s an interesting sidebar: the Soul EV was just named the “Best New City” car by the Automotive Journalist Association of Canada.  In 2015, it will be introduced in markets outside of California and New York City.  Clearly it’s in Canada, which should speak to perceptions about EVs and cold weather.

Priced aggressively at around $34,000 ($27,000 with the government rebate), this is one of the first vehicles that can start to probe the depth of the middle-class and second car market for EVs.  If you have a family hauler (like a Ford Explorer) as your primary vehicle but now need to replace the “second car”, the Kia Soul EV should be on your list.

Range on the Kia Soul EV is EPA rated at 93 miles.  Enough to get you to work, after-work pub, Home Depot, grocery store, and back.  Not necessarily in that order.  You can charge at overnight at super-low rates.  Or you can take advantage of public chargers.

As you can see, the Kia Soul EV looks cool.  Which says a lot for a low-priced EV.  I’m glad Kia decided to build on a popular platform instead of trying to engineer something new.  Compare the looks to the Nissan Leaf.

The front-wheel-drive Kia Soul EV comes with 210 lb ft of torque.  That’s more than what you’d get with a regular Soul.  So there’s some pep.  It weighs 3,300 lbs, thanks to the battery pack.  Which means you will have to stomp to pass or escape the crazy truck driver at the exit.  But you’d have to do that with a gas-powered Soul anyway.  Where you’ll appreciate the Soul EV is interior space.  Since the batteries are in the floor, ala Tesla, you’ve got 18.8 cubic feet of storage with the rear seat up; and 49.5 cubic feet with the rear seat folded.  That’s a lot of groceries, plants, or general stuff to haul.  Keep in mind Kia allows you to fold one or both seats for flexibility as well.

Its a perfectly acceptable EV for buyers who want to dip a toe in the water.  Or for younger drivers that want to make their statement within a budget.  Or for anyone that doesn’t want to pay for gas anymore.

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