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Toyota to Spend $7.2M for New Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Toyota has a huge stake in the US success of the Mirai, their first fuel cell to properly come to market.  One of the keys to success is a robust fueling network.  According to Green Fleet News, Toyota is spending $7.2 million to expand the number of hydrogen fueling stations in the State of California.  This will go towards the construction of 17 stations in Northern and Southern California.   From the article:

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. has allocated more than $7.2 million to hydrogen fueling solutions provider FirstElement Fuel Inc., for the construction of 19 public hydrogen refueling stations located in Northern and Southern California. The two companies are partnering to support the long-term operation and maintenance expenses of the stations…
The initiative is a result of the California Energy Commission (CEC)’s recent public announcement and Assembly Bill 8, which amended the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program to award financial assistance to provide at least 100 publicly available hydrogen fueling stations by 2024.
While Hartline noted that Toyota doesn’t expect to be in the fuel business, the initial jumping off point of the initiative is crucial.


Hartline is right.  Toyota needs to drive not only the construction of new stations, they need to work with existing alternative fueling providers to add new hydrogen pumps as well.  On the fleet side, the network of LNG, CNG and biodiesel stations is quickly growing in number.  Adding hydrogen to their offerings should be easier and cheaper than building from scratch.

Below is a list of hydrogen fueling stations, courtesy of Google.

As you click through, you’ll notice that many are already dedicated for fleet use. Although I do not know for sure that Toyota has contacted those in their rollout markets with regards to opening them up for public use, it would make sense to me, at least.



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