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Owning a hybrid vehicle is an environmentally responsible choice, but when it comes to the care and maintenance of the vehicle it can get costly, especially if you have to replace a hybrid battery. Most hybrid cars have a nickel-metal hydride battery, which can be conditioned rather than replaced. This process will save owners thousands of dollars, and our shops have a nationwide one-year warranty on conditioned batteries so you can rest assured your hybrid is good to go.

Increase Your Efficiency

If your hybrid vehicle has a drop in fuel economy, it may be time to have your hybrid battery conditioned. When you bring your vehicle in, we can perform a battery stress test, as well as power and energy tests, to determine the power and capacity of the battery, and diagnose if there is a battery problem or not. Without getting too technical, the battery pack includes a number of cells––the exact number varies with manufacturer and battery type––and each of those cells work in tandem to power the hybrid drive. If a battery goes “out of balance” or has a loss of power or energy, the vehicle can experience a degradation in gas mileage and vehicle performance.

When one or more of those cells goes out of balance in relation to the others, it reduces vehicle efficiency. Often, nickel-metal hydride batteries just need to have the cell levels balanced to the same level in order to restore performance. This is achieved through hybrid battery conditioning. Conditioning is a process where the battery cells are safely cycled to a zero state of charge, then carefully cycled to a full state of charge. This clears any resistance in the battery, and returns the cells to the same level.

Extend the Life of Your Battery

The cool thing about nickel-metal hydride batteries is that they are incredibly resilient. They can be cycled and conditioned many times if properly performed using proven scientific methods. Once your hybrid’s battery has been conditioned, it will typically restore vehicle performance and gas mileage.

Combine this with the warranty you’ll get for the service, and the money you’ll save not having to purchase a new battery and by getting better gas mileage, and you can see why this is a better option for consumers. That said, conditioning needs to be done by a properly trained and equipped technician as overcharging or not following proper scientific procedures can damage the battery.

Save Your Money

If you take your car to the dealership, they might recommend a hybrid battery replacement if there are issues with performance, gas mileage or a Diagnostic Trouble Code. However, knowing that you have options can make a huge difference in the service and maintenance of your hybrid vehicle. Not only can conditioning save you money when there is a problem, but it can also help prevent the problem from the start.

Used as a preventative measure, conditioning can improve the length of your battery life, increase your fuel economy, and provide a warranty that guarantees you’ll be taken care of if there are any concerns. Schedule your appointment today, and let us help you improve your battery’s performance.

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