GFO Oil On the Future of Green Fleet

As part of our “5 Questions on the Future of Green Fleet” series, we discussed the future of sustainable fleets with Kyle Stults, the Director of Business Development for GFO Oil, a liquid technology startup.

Q: Tell us more about GFO Oil.

A: GFO ( is a revolutionary green oil additive that can increase your fleet’s fuel efficiency and save you money, all while benefiting the environment. GFO has unique molecular properties which enable to increase combustion and significantly reduce hydrocarbon emissions. GFO Oil Additive is a product of Denver-based Colorado Energy Research Technologies, LLC, or “CERT”. CERT is a research and development organization focused on the creation of innovative products and technologies that can benefit or optimize existing infrastructure based on emerging understandings and new paradigms in science and technology.


Q: What do you see as the top 3 challenges to growing a sustainable fleet?

A: Finding technologies and solutions that are proven, reliable, and cost-effective. Many of today’s green fleet initiatives can require significant upfront capital investment in technologies that may or may not pan out. GFO oil additive is a proven, cost-effective solution that is ready today for green-minded fleet managers.


Q: 5 years ago, where did you expect green fleet and alternative fuels to be by now; and where do you see it in 3 years?

A: GFO is new to the marketplace, and over the next several years we will help many fleets realize their green ambitions by providing a cost-effective solutions that can help fleets reduce emissions and decrease their overall fuel consumption.


Q: How can politicians help or hurt the advances that green fleet has made so far?

A: Governments and politicians can be a driver of green initiatives by being first/early adopters of eco-friendly, green solutions. Using cost-effective solutions such as GFO, there is significant opportunity to help municipal fleets reduce harmful emissions and decrease total fuel consumption. By being a leader in adopting green initiatives, the public sector can help pave the way for the private sector to also green their fleets.

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