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Mazda Introduces Unlimited Mileage Warranty in Canada

Before you start ooh-ing and ahh-ing like I did for six seconds, remember this:

For the average person, mileage doesn’t matter as much as the number of months covered by a warranty.

Today, our friends at AutoBlog.com brought us this:

Cold weather might be starting to grip parts of Canada, but our neighbors to the north are going to be able to drive their 2015 Mazda cars and utilities from Vancouver to Montreal with a little more peace of mind. That’s because Mazda Canada is instituting an unlimited mileage warranty for its new models.


It’s nice that if I’m a road warrior I can load up on the miles.  But if my “road” is a 15-25 mile daily commute, then months matter more. If it’s closer to 50 miles, then this might be a good deal.

An unlimited mileage warranty is a good step towards simply covering the vehicle proper, requiring owners to bring the car into a dealer or authorized service center for periodic inspection.   12 months for service is something to address lemons and road damage.  If Mazda wants to impress us, make it 36 months for service.

Here’s a link to a pdf of Mazda’s new warranty.  If you’re reading this in the land of Geddy Lee’s birth, maybe its worth looking at a new Mazda.

On the whole, it is change.  Which doesn’t always come fast on the side that protects the consumer.  It follows with the old saying “half a loaf is better than nothing”.

If Mazda is thinking of adjusting the warranties on the US side of the border, hopefully they’ll let us have the whole loaf.  Everyone’s hungry.

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