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New: Lease a Tesla, Give it Back in 90 Days if Not Satisfied

On Saturday October 25, Tesla announced a new wrinkle to it’s improved lease program.  Here’s Elon talking about the improved lease program at his blog:

Leasing now also comes with the Tesla happiness guarantee. If you don’t like our car for any reason in the first three months, you can just return it and your remaining lease obligation is waived. 


THIS should have been part of the “D” announcement.  It’s potentially bigger than all-wheel-drive.  Realistically, it takes any trepidation away about buying an electric car.  If owning a Tesla is not what you envisioned it to be, you can give it back.  No strings.


Back to Mr. Musk:

The only catch is that you can’t then immediately lease another Model S. Upgrading early is no problem if you want to do that, but there is a pass-through fee to cover the new vs used value difference.


Which is understandable, as this language covers the guy who wants to turn in his red one to get a black one.  People are strange, to paraphrase Jim Morrison.

A quick check of the Tesla website found no fine print full of conditions to get out of the obligation.  So we have the word of Elon Musk.  I, for one, will take it.

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