2014 Ford Focus Electric, courtesy of Ford Motor Company

EV Crazy Deal: Ford Cuts Price on 2014-15 Focus Electric by 60 Percent


The Ford Focus Electric isn’t selling well.  The Focus is known as a solid car.  The Focus hybrid is a good car. The Focus C-Max hybrid is a great car.  But when they go battery-only, something is lost in the mix.

Not to say that the car itself isn’t good, check out the review video below from Red Ferret, a British chap. But for some reason, it’s just not catching on over here.

Slow sales of a good car is a reason you can save now on price.  AND save even bigger later on gas.

2014 Ford Focus Electric, courtesy of Ford

According to the October 22 Automotive News (possible paywall), Ford announced a $6,000 price cut for remaining 2014 and upcoming 2015 models.  Which will leave their starting price at $29,995.  Toss in the bonus from the government, and the price drops another $7,500 to $22,495.  Which brings it in just under the 2014 Nissan Leaf. As well as a few other EV’s that are….forgettable.

Will Ford soldier on with Focus Electric after the 2015 model year?  Who knows.  But they still have a C-Max Energi out there, which is now at a premium.  Maybe the Focus electric was a quick way to get a fleet mileage win.  Again, who knows.

What we do know is that it’s significantly cheaper than it was last week.  And if you’re in the market for an EV you should do your due diligence and check it out.

Here’s that video review, from Red Ferret.

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