What is the Current State of the Sustainable, Green Fleet?

Let’s christen this new section on Green Fleet with a recent column from Mike Antich, Editor and Associate Publisher of GreenFleet.com.

My contention is that if you ask 5 people on the street about “green cars”, you’d get a range of answers, mostly the names of individual car models.  If you ask people about “green fleet”, you would probably get at least a pause; maybe a blank stare.  Some smarty would invariably say “what, green boats?”

We see fleet vehicles all the time.  But, outside of screaming at them for being too (insert driving sin here), we don’t really notice them.  Or think much about the impact they have on oil imports, carbon emissions, traffic, and other environmental and transportation issues.

But I’m not the expert here, Mike is.  Here’s his take on today’s sustainable fleet:

Fleet sustainability is all about options and, nowadays, there are plenty of them available to forward-thinking fleet managers. These fleet managers see fleet sustainability as the future of their fleet organizations. The question is, which route should be taken to green the company fleet? In particular, will management support fleet sustainability initiatives with greater acquisition of non-petroleum-fueled vehicles, or will the emphasis continue to be on selecting smaller displacement gasoline- or diesel-powered models with maximum fuel efficiency?


This mirrors developments in the passenger vehicle market, not surprisingly.  But here’s where he talks about the differences between those that own 1 or 2 vehicles, and those that need fleets to do business every day:

Corporations, especially multinationals, have set corporate CO2 reduction goals and recognize that fleet is one of the biggest emitters of CO2. A growing number of fleets are incorporating alternative-fuel vehicles as organizations institutionalize sustainability into corporate branding, and company vehicles are a very visible expression of these initiatives. Corporations and political subdivisions will support the use of alternative-fuel vehicles if they meet the job requirement and are not cost prohibitive.


Next week, we will start a series of posts and other content around Green Fleet.  We’ll be covering the 2014 Green Fleet Conference, apparently the world’s largest event for sustainable fleets.  We’ll use this coverage as a cornerstone to build this new content category.

Trust me, they’re doing some very exciting things in this category.  The Hybrid and Electric Car News will be happy to bring you more on this topic.

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