Common Hybrid Car Maintenance Issues: Temperature Sensors

When it comes to Hybrid Vehicles and their batteries, temperature is a big deal. This includes air temperature around the battery pack but also the temperature of each individual cell of the battery pack as well.

Because each HEV manufacturer is different, automotive service providers will often get confused when diagnosing a temperature sensor issue.

In the video shown above, Jeff Minter of Automotive Research and Design (our partner here at The Hybrid Shop) shows us three unique battery packs and how the temperature sensors work on each:

  • The Toyota Prius Generation 1
  • The Toyota Prius Generation 2
  • And the Honda Hybrid Civic

As you will see if you watch the video, there is an Air Temperature Sensor (shown on Prius Generation 1) measuring the outside air temp around the battery pack, and then 4 other sensors to measure the temperature of the cells, with 2 on the outside, and 2 on the inside (where things tend to run warmer). With the generation 2, the placement of the sensor strip has moved to the underside, but it’s still very similar in nature to the first generation.

The Honda Civic sensors vary quite a bit from their Toyota counterpart, with an individual sensor running along each battery cell.

This is another valuable post from TheHybridShop.comHECN is happy to welcome the, a new green automotive startup, as our first Service Advisor.  The mission of The Hybrid Shop is to “provide the highest quality maintenance, service and repair experience for hybrid electric vehicle owners.” Read more about them and servicing hybrid electric cars here.  You can also find them on FacebookTwitterLinkedINGoogle Plus, and YouTube.

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