2014 Paris Motor Show Updates: the Citroen DS is Divine and More

The Citroen DS concept is truly divine

Citroen introduced 2 new vehicles under their in-house DS brand.  Think of DS in the same way you’d think of Infiniti and Nissan, or Acura and Honda.  I would say Plymouth and Chrysler, but that wouldn’t get you anywhere.  Outside of the bold statement that is the exterior, Citroen’s designers also introduced the concept of ‘hypertypage’ into their thinking about the interior.  Instead of all vehicles sharing the same configuration and selecting different colors and textures as options, ‘hypertypage’ means prospective buyers could choose from 3 completely unique interior configurations.  Or as Citroen puts it:

For this concept car, the design teams gave free rein to their creativity and introduced the concept of “hypertypage”, meaning the car has three interchangeable interior universes, each with a unique and compelling personality.  It is a concept car that points to DS’s aim of offering customers cars that will totally reflect their personality.

 Toyota C-HR Concept Compact Crossover–Hybrid Power Gets Small, Looks Cool

Toyota C-HR Compact Hybrid Concept

Last week, Toyota introduced the C-HR concept crossover at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.  The general idea is to get into the compact SUV/crossover market with something a little smaller than the RAV-4.  This reminds me of the early RAV-4 or the Honda CR-V.  Early in their production runs they were all much smaller and less plush–perfect for all of those graduating college girls who wanted a better-built kin to the Suzuki Samurai’s they drove in college.

This time the target is probably the Nissan Juke/Kia Soul buyer.  The C-HR has the good looks of the Juke, and the concept isn’t as quirky as the Soul.  Where the C-HR makes a difference is with the planned hybrid powertrain.

The Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle–Coming to Europe in Summer 2015

Toyota’s Fuel Cell Vehicle is hitting all of the European capitals, in advance of it’s coming to showrooms in 2015.  Although the video above is from the Geneva Auto Show last March, the FCV made an appearance at the Paris Motor Show as well.  According to Toyota:

We consider fuel cell to be a key technology to future mobility – and on our stand at Paris we have another showstopper: the Fuel Cell Sedan. After 20 years of development, our first production hydrogen car, the Fuel Cell Sedan will be coming to Europe in the summer of 2015, initially available in the UK, Germany and Denmark.

Is it too soon for fuel cell?  Who knows.  There’s a lot of upside to an island nation developing a base of fuel-cell vehicles.  The folks at Toyota City bottled lightning with the Prius, maybe they believe they can do it again with the FCV. Time will tell.

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