Beijing National Stadium, home of inaugural Formula-E E-Prix

3 Days to Beijing: A Look at the First Formula-E Racing Circuit

The inaugural season of Formula-E promises to be good, and the Beijing track is well-suited as a first circuit.

Beijing China Formula E Circuit

It’s an easy, straightforward 3.44 mile track with a lot of 90-degree corners; perfect for giving the world an initial taste of full-0n throttle and high-speed passing.  The architect tossed in few chicanes for fun.  This layout will give the new drivers in the new cars of a new racing series an ability to focus settling in with these new vehicles in a competitive situation.  I think if you tried to have an inaugural race like this at Suzuka or another track  where twists and turns are the norm, you may end up with drivers worried less about racing than simply getting a brand new car through the circuit without a scratch.

Jack Giordmaina of has some interesting thoughts on the track as well:

The track also has very little run off areas, which means that if a driver does make a mistake they will be punished for it. However, with the event only lasting a day, it could be a huge task for mechanics to fix the car in time for the race if the car ends up in the wall during a practice or qualifying session.

Finally the pit lane has a very interesting layout. It is not the conventional parallel straight that runs alongside the start finish straight. Drivers will have to do a left hand turn before negotiating two right hand turns and then a left hand turn to make it back on to the start finish straight and onto the pit exit, which rejoins the track on the exit of turn one.

The Hybrid and Electric Car News ‘Countdown to Beijing’ will continue tomorrow with a look at the Formula-E app for iPad.

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