2016 Chevy Volt tease

New for 2015: The 2016 Chevrolet Volt

You may have noticed that the electric car talk these days is all about Tesla; or the duo of new BMW’s EVs, the i3 and i8.

But the one that helped pave the way is the Chevy Volt.

Remember how it was ridiculed back in the day?  How it was a fancier but flaws version of the EV-1?  Not to mention the Volt was one of the initial lightning rods around the silly argument that, despite $5.00/gallon gas at a time when the V-8 SUV reigned supreme, we needed to abandon all efforts at economy and double-down on the gasoline engine.  At least that’s what I remember picking up from Fox News.

Years later, over 65,000 have been sold, and the Volt is entrenched in our minds as an EV.  It doesn’t have the range and sexiness of a Tesla.  It’s not quite a classic EV, but not a true gasoline hybrid either.  These days they call it “range-extended”. It’s not as technologically advanced as one of the new Bimmers.  But it’s not weirdly shaped like an i-MIEv, or even a Nissan Leaf.  It looks like a car.  And when you trick it out with a Cadillac nameplate and accoutrements, it’s not a bad thing at all.

The Volt was a good first step for a car company that needed to produce a real better idea, not just change the skin on the frame of a Saturn.  And they did.  Now they need to upgrade it, maybe even try to skip ahead a generation.  With production timelines as long as GM’s, they had better come up with something better this time around.

Last week, GM announced that the next generation Volt is on the way.

In the video above, Tim Mahoney, head of marketing for General Motors teased the coming of the new 2016 Volt at an event in Detroit.  From a Chevy press release:

“Volt is the perfect example of the ingenuity that drives everything we do at Chevrolet,” Mahoney said at the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefings. “Volt fully delivers on the promises of Find New Roads and will continue to provide consumers with the transportation solutions they need and deserve in the future.”

Volt owners are driving more than 63 percent of their overall miles in electric vehicle mode, collectively logging more than 500 million gas-free miles since the Volt’s retail debut in 2010. That has saved more than 25 million gallons of gasoline.

By the way, 25 million gallons of gasoline is 596,000 barrels of oil. Although that’s a little more than an eighth of a supertanker, that’s $875,000,000 in gas at $3.50/gallon. That’s what I call saving some lunch money.

We will see the extended ranger for the first time at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.


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