Tesla Tows Stranded Model S and Replaces Failed Battery Pack for Free

Automotive customer service is a hard business.  If you’re statistically very good, people still tell you you’re shite.  If you’re shite people tell you you’re the worst shite ever.  A win is a reasonably polite “thank you”.

No wonder dealers are challenged with service, and a reason why they go through so many service reps (that and the pay).

Every once in awhile you get a customer and a story that resets your baseline.  Tesla was the recipient of one of these resets a couple of weeks ago, in late July.  The customer, KmanAuto had a complete battery failure in his Model S.  The video above tells his story.  Here’s a little more:

At 34,000 Miles on my Tesla Model S, I had a failure of the battery pack. Specifically, the contactor in the pack failed. Tesla replaced it with a new pack. While inconvenient, I would like to outline and display the whole ordeal. Once again, Tesla has the best service I’ve ever received from a automotive company!

Of course this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a Tesla as your next vehicle.  It is a recent and factual example of how Tesla services it’s customers.

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