Drag Race Friday: Tesla Model S P85 v. Modded BMW 335i

To celebrate Tesla exceeding their 2Q earnings target, we bring you a drag race between the Tesla Model S P85 and a finely tuned German instrument of speed, the BMW 335i.  Which means the owner played with it’s onboard computer to max performance, reworked the exhaust to reduce back pressure, and added anair intake to give the engine better air to breathe. In all, the BMW can beat a lot of what’s on the street these days.  Until it met the Tesla.

The race is from our friends at Drag Times.com, and takes place on a nondescript frontage road.  This is an amazing series of races that all showcase how fast EV technology is.  That a 4-door sedan of any propulsion can smoke or keep up with some of these cars isn’t something you could say about a Toyota Camry, a Chevy Malibu, or a VW Passat.

Happy Friday. We will continue to bring you more of these race, some where a Tesla even loses.  To a Lamborghini.

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