The New Toyota Supra: This Car Could Be a Plug-in Hybrid

This is likely the look of what many believe is new Toyota Supra, now called the FT-1.  And according to, it could be an all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid.

Good Lord, will green cars go fast.  From the article:

Toyota FT1 or Supra Nose

…what we’re hearing now is that it’s very likely the next Supra will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four cylinder engine developed by BMW. What’s more, Toyota will then take this engine and match it up with its own ‘super conductor hybrid’ technology, thus making it a plug-in hybrid. All told, output should easily reach about 350 horsepower. This is very similar technology to what was seen on the Toyota TS040 Hybrid race car that just competed at Le Mans.
There will be three electric motors – two at the front and one at the rear, thus confirming the car will be AWD and not the previously rumored RWD. What’s more, this will be the first Toyota to feature a dual-clutch gearbox – another present courtesy of BMW. Expect to see both the Supra and the new Z4 in showrooms by the end of 2017….


Great googly-moogly.  F**kin-A.  Wow.

To be forthcoming, a fair number of automotive titles are anticipating the new Supra to showcase Toyota’s newest and best hybrid technology.  I hope they’re at least 85% right, because that would be one helluva vehicle.  Quite worthy of the name “Supra”.

To me, the image below is the Toyota Supra I came to know and love:

1982 Toyota Celica Supra
The Toyota Supra has always been one of my favorite performance cars. I loved the unyielding lines and the tail that came with a reminder of who just smoked you: SUPRA.  This was a car that rolled off the showroom floor mean and hungry.  You could hand it over to most any shadetree mechanic, and within a couple of days it could be almost undrivable.

But if these CarBuzz guys are right, the combination of design and performance in this new iteration is breathtaking. wrote about the car earlier this year.  Usually MotorTrend, Car & Driver, and the top magazines are somewhat muted in their praise of a vehicle.  Every once in a great while there comes a car that makes them dribble like a schoolboy over a cute girl.  This is one of those times:

Toyota FT1 or Supra

The FT-1, set to debut at the North America International Auto Show, is not a “real car,” but a “concept car” — a three-dimensional frenzy of winks and side glances, sucking scoops, and brutal downforce-generators, all peeking at us from behind a curtain where the future is being created. It’s the essence of a potent potential new sports car that’s for now an instant of bodywork turbulence, shock-frozen in fiberglass.


They share a little bit of backstory too:

…At the 2011 Tokyo auto show, Akio Toyoda had insisted, “Now we have a new slogan, ‘Fun To Drive Again.'” And he’d made no secret of wanting a Supra-like car restored to the lineup. Calty was wise to the pitfalls, too, having been down this particular road five years earlier with its hybrid-drive, Supra-esque FT-HS, a car stillborn during the freefall of the great recession. But with the world economy healing and Toyota’s helm in the hands of a guy who’d donned a helmet to drive in the Nürburgring 24-hour race, the starter button was firmly pushed. With Akio’s blessing, Calty’s in-house Supra-esque sports car got the green light to become a concept car to be judged by the world. A timeline was plotted, milestones marked. The team set to work….

And we’re going to be the ones lucky enough to drive the results, as the car is rumored to be in showrooms in 2016 or 2017.  Here’s some video on the FT-1’s design story:

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