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Wait. You Say Recharging an Electric Car Equals Seventy-Five Cents a Gallon?

Let’s clear away the distraction about whether an electric car causes more pollution than it cuts, due to the manufacturing and raw material supply chain.  That is an important issue.  But it isn’t as important when you do your monthly bills.

Cost is what matters.  You can find lots of studies that say it’s cheaper to fuel up with electric, but until I saw this story at, I had never seen it communicated so…in your face.  One of my favorite headlines, ever:

Electric Cars Equal Gasoline Costs of Just 75 Cents Per Gallon


That’s the bottom line kids, everything else is something for the tree-huggers and eggheads to figure out.  I’m not much of either (clearly).  

But I do understand that a gallon of premium at my favorite station was about $4.50 as of Monday, July 21st.  $.75/gallon  is significantly cheaper, according to the egghead in me.  I’ve got a 16-gallon tank, and according to the US Energy Administration, filling my tank uses about all of the 19 gallons of gas distilled from a single barrel of crude oil.  Over the course of the years I’d own an electric car, the tree-hugger in me says I’m saving in oil imports.

Here’s more from

According to a study by the Northeast Group (via Charged EVs), 25 utilities in 14 states currently offer electricity rates tailored towards electric vehicle owners.

With discounts for off-peak charging, the cost of topping up your battery is very low indeed. By converting the energy you’re storing into a gasoline-equivalent figure, the price works out at about $0.75 per “gallon”.

If you live in States 15-50, charging your EV is still very, very, very cheap when compared to a gallon of gas.  So no need for hemlock just yet.


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