Formula-E Fanboost

Formula-E Fanboost: Like Sending Your Favorite Driver a Nitrous Boost


A few weeks ago, Formula-E introduced an audience engagement feature called Fanboost.  It works like this.  You go to a page on the Formula-E website.  You’ll see all of the drivers for the upcoming race.  Then you click to vote for your favorite.  If you download the Formula-E app and vote from it, you get 3 votes.  Pretty straight forward.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. The driver with the most votes prior to the pre-race deadline gets one 2.5 second power boost, one that increases their bhp to 270 from 180.  That’s close to a 50% power boost for a decent amount of time.  If you’re a car guy from “back in the day,” or are a fan of the “Fast and Furious” movies, the Formula-E Fanboost is like a boost of nitrous.  Without the lag.

Gimmicky?  Sure.  But it’s ingenious as a way to drive interest and engagement within 24-48 hours of a race, when promotion will be at a peak.

I hear the purists out there ginning up.  “They’re not rewarding the best drivers,” “What if people give the Fanboost to a driver in the back of the pack?”  “If they don’t know anything about the drivers, won’t they be rewarding someone haphazardly?”  Yes, all of that could be true.  But at the same time, it gets people looking at the site, the drivers, downloading the app, learning a little more about the cars, the circuit, the series, and more.  The page has a very visible link to a Formula-E introduction page.

Lighten up.  And go vote.

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