What Does it Take to Get a Tesla to Burn?


What does it take to get a Tesla to burn? An unhealthy dose of stupidity, extremely high speeds, fear of prosecution, alcohol (probably), and the laws of physics.

This story caught my eye late last night, and I found video and images on it this morning.

First, let me say this: I love to drive fast.  But I don’t do it while under the influence.  I don’t drive stupidly fast in the wrong places.  AND I don’t (from the looks of it) try to goad other drivers into playing “tag” or something as stupid on city streets.

Oh, and I don’t steal cars either. I don’t suggest you do either.

So we have a stolen Tesla S, an idiot, the LA Police department, and 5 unfortunate people who were in the absolutely wrong place at the wrong time.

But take a look at the Tesla, and think about the naysayers that claimed the battery of the Tesla would incinerate occupants.  That battery fires and the threat of acid would mean first responders wouldn’t be prepared to rescue occupants trapped in wrecked Teslas.


Based on the pictures and video, in this extreme example the Tesla did as well as most any other car.  Perhaps with less fire than one might attribute to a vehicle sliced into two pieces.  Perhaps it’s good that it was a Tesla, as the back half ended up wedged between two buildings.  Yes…BETWEEN TWO BUILDINGS.  At this point, and based on what I know it seems like wedging the back half of a gas powered car between two buildings might have lead to even more tragedy.

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