Inside Wolfsburg: Watch them Make a 2014 Volkswagen e-Golf Electric Car

It’s a slow Saturday morning here, and I became fascinated by this video taken at VW’s Wolfsburg plant.  It follows the production line where a 2014 e-Golf is assembled.  For one, I’m always fascinated by the making of complex things.  It’s scary to think about the number of failure points along this manufacturing line.  But VW, Tesla, Ford, Toyota and others have been doing it amazingly right for almost a century.

Notice how most of what we see is already in place, and just needs a bolt here, or a snap there.  Clearly there is a lot more work that had been done to this point.  But the idea of a car being built from the frame up as it rolls down the line?  Not anymore.  Once it hits the line, big chunks are put into place.

Here’s another video that does an outstanding job of telling the automotive manufacturing story.  It’s the opening from Gran Turismo 5.  It’s a bit more dramatic, but it’s from a video game.  As game opens go, not so good.  It didn’t leave me rarin’ to jump behind the wheel of a virtual car.  It did leave me heading to my computer to figure out how they made cars at Japanese auto plants.  Education won over wasting time.  At least for a few minutes.


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