How Do You Really Compare Fuel Costs of Gas, Hybrid, Diesel and Electric Cars?


Easy.  You can compare fuel costs right here at the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Cost Calculator page at the Hybrid and Electric Car News.  It’s part of a suite of pages dedicated to demystifying the move away from gasoline powered vehicles.

Comparing fuel costs isn’t as simple as checking pump prices.  What’s the mpg equivalent if you’re looking at an electric car, or a plug-in hybrid?  What if you’re driving a Flex Fuel vehicle, and are thinking of moving to biodiesel?  How can you tell which is the best for your lifestyle and income?  At the link above, we believe we’ve put together a few tools to help you compare fuel as well as ownership costs.

Still not good enough?  Click here for a very handy fuel cost calculator for multiple vehicles.  You can compare the vehicle you’re looking at to up to 8 other candidates based on fuel type and mpg.

Also, in the “Buyer’s Guide” section of HECN, you’ll find 5 valuable pages to help you find and evaluate your next hybrid, electric, diesel, or other alternative fuel vehicle.  From the drop down you’ll find:

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